Ford Mustang Mach-E Dealership Training Is Underway

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is a totally new form of car for Ford, and as such, it has numerous training to do to get the personnel at dealerships geared up to sell and provider the cars. A video was going around now not long in the past that regarded to reveal a team of workers at dealerships wasn’t prepared to promote the vehicle because they couldn’t answer questions.

A new file is going round that says Ford dealerships are now sending their techs to training to get them certified to work at the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Ford says that the Mach-E has a redesigned battery that makes the car safer, easier, and faster to the provider. A GM from a Ford dealership in San Antonio, Texas, says that his dealership is currently present process what he calls “the total certification software” for Mach-E provider.


The GM says that certification blanketed sending eight EV-certified techs to a Ford Center for schooling specific to the Mach-E. He cited that the techs were also receiving online guidance as nicely. The certified techs have been already skilled to work on the Ford Focus BEV, the first actual complete-EV Ford provided. The dealership referred to that being certified to work at the Mach-E also means buying special tools just for the service of the motors.

Ford will define the unique gear needed for provider subsequent spring, he says. The Mach-E will be in dealerships in late 2020. So far, more than 2, one hundred sellers have signed up to be licensed for the Mach-E and destiny EVs from Ford. That is a big benefit from the 900 sellers that were licensed to sell the Focus BEV. One key detail in servicing the Mach-E is a way to cast off and update its battery modules.

Those modules can be eliminated for diagnosis, repair, and replacement. One exciting tidbit approximately the Mach-E is considered one of allocation. The GM of the dealership says that Ford has handiest allotted a few Mach-Es to his dealership. We maintain to preserve that hefty markup could be introduced to these automobiles as dealers see the capacity to show a further income at the EV.

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